Dutch Colonial Home Tour in OKC, with Airbnb Guest Cottage

 Photography by  Melissa Click

Photography by Melissa Click

Tell us about your house. What was important to you in making it a home? 

We live in a Dutch Colonial home built in 1927 located in the beautiful historic Gatewood neighborhood in Oklahoma City. When we first purchased the house it needed a lot of rehab work and upgrades, but it had good bones.

We worked closely with a contractor who helped us transform the house into a home. Our biggest priorities were the kitchen, bathrooms, and giving the entire house a fresh coat of white paint to really brighten things up. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I think that’s just part of the journey of owning an older, historic home. If these walls could speak, I’m sure they would tell quite a story. Ours is just part of that!

What spaces or items do you feel really represent you as a family?

I have so many childhood memories involving the kitchen and food. Growing up I can remember spending a lot of time around the kitchen table with my family talking and laughing. When we would go visit my grandparents we always found ourselves sitting at the counter on bar stools watching my grandma make homemade biscuits, cakes & cookies.

So when it came time to remodel our home I knew that the kitchen and dining area would be top priority! I wanted to be able to recreate those same memories with my own family. So I think that space definitely represents us the most. We love spending time in the kitchen when it’s just the 3 of us, but also with friends and family. It’s the spot in the house that everyone gravitates towards no matter how crowded it gets. And I love that! 

How did your daughter's room come together?

Violet’s room is simple. Lots of white with vintage touches here and there. Basically an extension of the rest of the house! The first things we purchased for her room were books we picked up at Powell’s bookstore in Portland on our babymoon and a simple crib from IKEA. I tend to move things around the house a lot; nothing ever really stays in the same spot for long. So the rest of her room came together with pieces of furniture and decor I moved from other spaces to finish out her nursery. 

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

I’ve always been drawn to old, vintage, falling apart at the seams kind of items; things with character and charm. I think my style is a little all over the place...shabby chic, farmhouse style, meets a splash of modern here and there!

Tell us about your Airbnb. What's it like to host people and how do you want them to feel when they visit?

We love to travel and have enjoyed staying in some really unique Airbnb’s when we get the chance. We have used Airbnb when staying in Palm Springs, San Diego, Nashville, Austin, Boulder, and even in the U.S. Virgin Islands to name a few.

When we started looking to purchase our first home we knew we wanted to have some kind of space in our backyard that we could host people; friends, family & Airbnb guests! Our guest house needed a lot of love at first. It was dark and dreary in there with lots of window units. We reconfigured the kitchen space, added doors with windows to let in more light, and of course, painted everything white! It’s amazing how much bigger a small space feels when you paint everything from the floor to ceiling white.We wanted to create a cozy space where our guests would feel comfortable and at home whether for one night or multiple nights!

My favorite part is the black and white cement tile we chose for the bathroom. It has been so much fun hosting and meeting so many different people from all over the world in just the few short months since we listed our space on Airbnb. 

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Home of Courtney Nicole Ramsey Photographs by Melissa Click Makeup by Soul Beauty Lounge Styling Assistant, Ashley Lauren Snyder Floral Design by XO Flowers & Events Vintage Rugs from Jenkins & Co Swimsuit from Minnow Swim Origami Boat from The Cottage Door Bedding provided by Parachute Home