Your First Look at Mimi Miller's Spring/Summer 2017 Womenswear


When I first started college working towards my fashion design degree, I loved special occasion dresses and thought designing ready-to-wear was boring and closed off the door to creativity. I loved that special occasion dresses gave me the freedom to create something avant garde and an excuse to use luxurious and unique fabrics, something that ready-to-wear doesn’t offer.

As I moved through school and my personal style evolved, I found that I was unable to find clothing that I really loved in stores and at a decent price that was reflected in its quality. Everything seemed to be overly trendy. Needless to say, by senior year my thoughts on my design concentration had changed.

I posed myself the question that maybe I should join the ready-to-wear market and create clothing that I, and probably many other women, are in search of. Fast forward to a few months after graduation where I made the leap and launched my own ready-to-wear womenswear brand in Washington, D.C.

I knew I wanted to create a brand for real women, pieces they could look at and immediately know where they could wear them. My goal is to create pieces that can be worn on days off yet elevated enough to be work-appropriate. With this, I was forced to revisit my prior thought-does designing ready-to-wear for the average woman really not require creativity?

I have to say my younger self was wrong and I have been completely surprised at how much creativity is necessary to create pieces that the modern woman can wear on a day to day basis. While there is much talent to be praised for those who can design and construct an elaborate gown, I personally feel there is more of a challenge in dressing the modern woman who balances many roles such as being a professional, a mom, and what that role looks like when the two overlap.

There needs to be a balance of ease and style, with the use of fabrics that are easy to care for and aren’t super delicate, for those who have little ones running around.

My self-titled brand Mimi Miller, Womenswear is in its second season and is all about simplicity and minimalism when it comes to fashion; creating pieces that teeter on the line of modern and timeless. You won’t find many bold colors or prints here, rather I choose to focus on details in the silhouettes and the quality of the textiles used each season.

This season was inspired by the iconic trends of the 1950’s-defined waistlines, volume, and that classic 50’s gingham print that we all love. I’ve brought these details into the present with the way I’ve mixed them with modern textiles.

For example, the Ella dress is a classic fitted dress with a defined, gathered waistline in a soft cotton, chambray fabric. The Olivia skirt is another great example of 50’s-meets-the present gingham organza fabric overlays a white cotton in our signature no-slit pencil skirt. The gingham is a tad shorter than the lining, giving it a bit of edge. Mixed in are more basic styles with details such as asymmetrical side-split hems. In addition to fluid, gathered skirts, you will find column and drop-waist style dresses-no fuss pieces for those days you are running late out the door.

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