Working with Your Hands: Campfire Studios

Photographs by  Jaimee Morse

Photographs by Jaimee Morse

In a world where we are constantly in front screens for both work and play, it's sometimes nice to create something with your hands. To put your concentration into molding and making rather than copy and pasting. That's why I wanted to photograph Kristen of Campfire Studio based in Westbrook Maine- just right outside of Portland. I had just moved here a couple months ago and love my daily grind of photographing weddings but I also like to broaden my horizons and get inspired by things outside of the wedding world. I went over to Kristen's light filled studio and watched as she pulled and kneaded the clay with what seemed like no effort at all but knowing how pottery works, I knew she has just perfected her art over time. 

Campfire Studio is a collaboration by The Camps; a husband and wife ceramic design team centered around creating a collection of ceramic heirlooms designed to inspire the art of entertaining. Their ethos is to create contemporary ceramic designs that bring people together- inside and outdoors. Campfire is not only their name, but a visual representation of their roots and brand identity. A campfire is the oldest act of human-gathering. It also symbolizes the outdoor environment where their Raku (Japanese-style ceramic process) is executed. Their goal is to share their love of traveling, cooking, and entertaining through their collection of high-end, handmade products.

The Campfire Studio retail shop is nestled in the Dana Warp Mill; a historic factory with brick façade and bustling businesses. They are amongst a community of creatives who are revitalizing the small city through business development and economic growth. Much like the river that flows aside the building, there is a continual stream of creative energy moving through their studio.

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Photography by Jaimee Morse Potters, Kristen & Joe Camp of Campfire Studios