Where to Go and Where to Eat in Vienna

All Photographs by  Peaches and Mint

All Photographs by Peaches and Mint

I moved to Vienna in January to find her charms buried in hibernation. A few months later and I’ve watched with eager anticipation her awakening. After a long winter’s sleep Vienna comes alive during the spring. Quaint street markets budding open with tulips in every color as the first sunshine peeks through late winter clouds. Cafés begin to dust off the bistro tables and all over the city umbrellas pop up to welcome the return of café weather and the warm sun.

A leisurely stroll through Stephansplatz will find cafés, horse-drawn carriages, and the majestic St. Stephen’s Cathedral but as an expat seeking to find the hidden gems I make my way down a little narrow street and find myself at Café Korb.

Tucked away from the noisy crowd of Stephansplatz, Café Korb, is a vibrant café with a mid-century feel. A wonderful place to soak in the sights and sounds: cathedral bells ringing, the click-clack of hooves, and the hum of conversation. The perfect spot for a light lunch and delicious coffee. The menu has an English section which is welcomed to decipher all the different selections of coffee. It is said in Vienna one should never order just a “coffee” as in Vienna there is really no such thing. I order the Franziskaner, basically coffee with whip cream, and it does not disappoint but then again can you really have bad coffee in a city that is famous for it?

I end my afternoon at Aida for a Sachertorte, a famous chocolate cake here, and jump on the U1 to meet my littles on their way home from school.

A Stroll in Vienna in Springtime, Where to Go and Where to Eat now on Cottage Hill
A Stroll in Vienna in Springtime, Where to Go and Where to Eat now on Cottage Hill
A Stroll in Vienna in Springtime, Where to Go and Where to Eat now on Cottage Hill

I still have pinch-me moments that I get to call this place home. The history is intoxicating. A simple stroll can leave you feeling transported in time as if you might be walking in the steps of Mozart or Strauss. For the classical music and ballet aficionado the performances are plenty. The popular Swan Lake at the Wiener Staatsoper or the unforgettable experience of watching the Wiener Hofburg-Orchester perform Mozart at the Imperial Palace. Vienna is a truly magical city full of charms and I look forward to three years of wandering the streets in search of them one delicious coffee at a time.

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Editor's Note: Surprisingly, I have never been to Europe. But the one city I want to visit most is Vienna! What is the one place in the world you have always wanted to visit?


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