Thoughts on Motherhood and Home

Photographs by  Kent Avenue Photography

I remember a time in my life when the idea of living in a double wide mobile home would have been met with resounding, valley girl inspired "as if" implications.

And now, after nearly two years in our old little home, the thought of building a house and leaving this behind sends pangs of hesitation deep into my gut. I've learned so much from living here, gained lessons that only God can provide, and settled into a simplistic rhythm of living that has breathed new life into my soul. Isn't it amazing how beautiful and blessed our lives can feel when we stop to remember all of the incredible things that fill it up? The tiny insignificant moments within the walls of our homes and inside the confines of our families that build and build until they've become our lives. Your home is beautiful because of the life you life there and with who you live it with; please don't ever forget that.

My children have become avid explorers and independent friends, my husband who craves open spaces with such fervency, can be found most evenings watering something on our five acres to the sound of his favorite podcast. And I'm usually an observer to it all. Perched upon our front porch steps, watching, listening, absorbing this simple goodness that fills our lives and hearts. I'll miss these steps and their chipped white paint one day. I'll miss the view, the conversations with my little ones, I'll miss our great trees, and the little home that served as the backdrop to it all. This is home.


With all the blood pulsing through my veins and all the breath that fills my lungs, they will always be what makes me whole. Accolades and praise are wonderful, they're necessary at times, they're perhaps more important to me than they should be. But seeing these two souls love hard and dream big and be brave and kind and funny and true, feeling tiny kicks from within, and dreaming of holding this precious new baby in my arms, those are the things that will always feel like my name has been engraved on a million shiny gold medallions. In a world that begs for more more more, stretching and reaching for everything in your grasp, I would sacrifice it all, because He is the giver and they are my rewards.

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