Touring the Romantic Amalfi Coast

All Photographs by   Hannah Park

All Photographs by Hannah Park

What could be more romantic than touring the Amalfi Coast with your love? After being gone for nine months, Hannah and her boyfriend chose to travel Italy's beautiful coast not by train by driving.

“I know many people traverse Italy by train, ” she explained, “but renting a car just frees you up for so many side adventures.”

A photographer, Hannah captured each area they visited - Murano, Orvieto, Positano, Ravello, Siena, Tuscany, and Venice - taking special note the local people, especially artists and perusing through their beautiful work.

“Besides the meals (at one point we would intentionally walking the long route trying to make more room for food), our favorite activity was simply stopping in small towns along the way to watch day to day Italian life unfold,” she said.

While we all settle in for a full fall, perhaps we can dream and start planning our own early spring Italian adventure, channeling our inner Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.


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Full Story Credits: All Photographs by Hannah Park, scanned by PhotoVision Prints