Sunday Mornings with Matcha Tea

Photography by  Meghan Mehan

Photography by Meghan Mehan

I have always loved the idea that something as simple as a cup of tea can bring family and friends together to create a communal experience. Oftentimes, I find myself getting caught up in the everyday businesses of life that I forget to take a pause and be in the moment. For this shoot, I wanted to capture the essence of slowing down and enjoying a relaxing morning over some matcha tea.

I loved getting to work with the Lam sisters because they exude this sense of zen and contentment. They are talented entrepreneurial women who also happen to be starting their own matcha tea business. Matcha tea has become an essential part of their daily lives and I wanted to showcase a snapshot of their Sunday morning ritual.

We were inspired by their home which have these gorgeous Japanese traditional architecture elements with a modern edge to it. We love the Japanese minimalism concept and wanted to pay homage throughout the design of the shoot. From the house, Ikebana inspired florals, to the ceramic tea bowls, each item had its specific purpose in design and functionality.

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Photography by Meghan Mehan Planner + Stylist, Lorraine Lee of Harvesting Love Events Florist, Melanie Tom of Hawthorn Flower Studio Hair & Makeup by Victoria Toda Matcha, Three Tea Bowls Home, Elaine Lam of Eggplant Diary Sisters: Elaine Lam, Gigi Lam, Eunice Lam