Simple Beach Hair Inspired by the Gulf Coast

Photographs by  Lillian Rose Photography

This shoot was inspired by my love of the sea, and all things coastal. I've been coming to the Gulf for 25 years with my family, and I've always envisioned myself having a second home here. I love the idea of having the opportunity to serve brides who see themselves committing their lives to the one they love in a place that they, too, have great appreciation and heart for. 

The idea for the shoot came from my vision of creating the perfect day for the bride. With all the social media and digital platforms out there suggesting different bridal themes, I wanted to shed light on the moments we don't normally see.

I thought to myself if I were able to do it all over again what would be important to me? How would I want to spend my morning before I started the rest of my life? Being a wedding creative who specializes in details, I wanted to focus on the self-reflective awareness a bride might have during the hours before she walks down the aisle.

I chose this coastal setting and story for my shoot to inspire a bride to have meaningful moments on her special day. Not only in choosing a hairstyle for her big day, but also in telling a story with thoughtful intentions to create a memory.

In describing the shoot, I chose to tell a story of the bride who grew up coming to the coast. She's simple, thoughtful, but still, appreciates and values exquisite touches. So instead of spending her day at the salon surrounded by others, she throws on her favorite beach pants with an indigo Shibori dyed slip dress. 

She packs up her Shibori dyed indigo cashmere blanket, a bottle of champagne, her summer journal, and heads to the beach to prep herself mentally, emotionally, and physically for the wedding. She brings along a tin bucket from her father's boat to collect the sea water she will prep her hair with for her simplistic frothy updo—a sailor's knot.

As her hair dries in the salty air, she sits on the beach and writes a love letter to her dearest before she takes a solo stroll through the dunes in her vintage indigo hand-painted gown that her mother wore, that she chose to dye in the colors of the sea to have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue to reflect on and practice reciting her vows. 

My philosophy for my business, as well as life, would be to make memories. I love making each bride feel like the most beautiful version of herself on a day she will remember for the rest of her life.

Head over to or follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook @Ashfrankestyles. Currently booking Internationally spring/summer 2018, Gulf Coast July 2018. 

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Photographs by Lillian Rose Photography Wedding Gown by Emily Kotarski Vintage Wedding Gown and Dyed Fabrics by Silk and Saged Custom Stationery by Oh Honey Paper Co Models, Morrison Dean and Emi Bias

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