Cacao Adaptogenic and Sarsaparilla-Infused Coffee Recipe

Photography by  Monica Burgess

Photography by Monica Burgess

My friend Monica and I met for breakfast one morning at The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile in Pawhuska.

Funny story, but as a journalism student in college I interviewed Ree before her Food Network show debuted. She was so kind, hilarious and encouraging to me and my publishing aspirations.

During breakfast, I ordered my favorite Cowboy Coffee. She somehow infused sarsaparilla into the coffee with espresso to create this very masculine, rich and for-sure-going-to-wake-you-up cup of goodness. I wondered how I could create something at home as powerful and delicious for days when Pawhuska is just too far of a drive. 

To make it my own, I added some cacao adaptogenic and extra foam. Find the recipe below—enjoy!

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*These are all approximate measurements. I like a big cup of coffee, but you may need to adjust according to your preference.

1 cup of coffee

1 shot of espresso

1/4 cup of almond milk

1 T cacao adaptogenic

2-3 oz. sarsaparilla syrup


I start with the base, the coffee. No matter what fancy cup you're making, a good cup starts with good coffee. My favorite is Kipahulu Estate Coffee from Ono Farms. It's pricey, so we order in bulk and save for special occasions.

Then I add a shot of espresso. My favorite is Nespresso, which as a mom, during those crazy mornings, is helpful because it's so easy.

Next I stir in the cacao adaptogenic, and I love this one our friend Shellie at Silk and Willow just added to her stock. It takes a little time to dissolve, so you want to stir really well.

Finally, I mix the almond milk (you can use any milk, but almond tastes better I think), then about 2-3 oz of sarsaparilla syrup in my frother. I used this syrup as it was rather difficult to find. You can add more if you want more of that root beer taste. 

Once I pour the frothy milk over the coffee mixture, I'll add some ground cacao over the foam for an extra dose of sweetness or ground espresso beans if I want something more rich. Whichever I use, I like to keep the grounds more course than fine.

Then sit back, relax and and enjoy!

Wait...who am I kidding? Grab your cup and chase after the baby who found and emptied your entire tea cabinet while you were putting your concoction together—haha! At least you've got both the caffeine and added adaptogenic in a yummy beverage to support you through the morning!

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