Lifestyle Workshops by Gillian Stevens

All photographs by  Gillian Stevens  and  Emilie Anne Szabo

All photographs by Gillian Stevens and Emilie Anne Szabo

Storytelling is an imperative aspect of what we do as photographers, stylists, art directors, makers, and creatives. There is a purpose behind everything that we create, and a meaning that goes beyond just what we see on the surface.

Early in my career I began to recognize that photographs on their own held nothing of value, if there wasn’t a story behind them. I realized that to be a photographer required learning about being a storyteller. The storytelling component is an underlying theme in all our sessions. We will be partnering with some of our favorite small businesses and learning how to style and photograph products in a way that captures the essence of a brand through your own artistic lens.

In our first conversations about the workshop, it was clear that Emilie and myself had the same vision of creating a truly wonderful experience for everyone who attends. In fact, we designed it specifically for our attendees, putting together as many things as we could think of to immerse us in the kind of lifestyle that we want to portray; A lifestyle that is centered around community, creative thought and expression, and slow-living. Rather than teach about how we ourselves work, we wanted to create an atmosphere where our attendees can experience it for themselves.

I knew D’une le would be the perfect place for us. Michel and Sofie are incredibly thoughtful with every detail in their guesthouse. The beautifully curated rooms full of antique furniture, local-focused meals with wine pairings from surrounding regions, and personal hospitality are just a few of the reasons we knew wanted to partner with them. The French culture plays a significant role in our vision for this Spring, and where better to experience the slow living lifestyle, than at a beautiful country cottage nestled in the hills of France.

Above all, this workshop is about the community that is created. Our sessions are accessible to many different facets within the creative world with the hope that it will bring people from many different stages in their lives and careers. Lifestyle Workshop is meant to be a shared experience, where we can connect, inspire, and encourage each other. Spend evenings around the table with beautiful food and conversation, slow down, the way Europeans do so well, taking in each moment and enjoying every bit of the process.

Lifestyle Workshops happening this May will be a magical experience as we create images of beautiful scenes in the countryside of France. Together we will tell stories through our cameras, stories of Parisian ceramics, handmade linens, and foraged picnics. We will learn the processes and elements that go into storytelling and styling as we capture the essence of a brand. You will get to hear perspectives from and work alongside 2 different lifestyle photographers, Emilie Anne Szabo and Gillian Stevens. Everyone will leave the workshop with a portfolio of beautifully curated images that you will capture through this experience. 

Our days will be full, yet relaxed as we take in the full French experience. Between styling and shooting, we will forage for wild greenery and florals, graze on charcuterie as we picnic in the countryside, enjoy french meals handmade with local ingredients, and taste a variety of French wines paired with our candle-lit dinners. We will be residing in light-filled rooms which have been carefully curated by Michel and Sophie, the owners and designers of D’uneIle. This country hotel is located a couple hours outside of Paris, surrounded by acres of forests and fields in the heart of Le Perche, a French national park. 

Whether you are exploring lifestyle photography for the first time, or have a successful business as a photographer, we invite you to come! Our hope is that everyone will leave strengthened in their knowledge and skills in both styling and shooting, as well as having created new friendships on this journey.