La Jolla Beach Honeymoon

Photography & Styling by  Natalie Bray  Hair and Makeup by  Hair and Makeup Box

Photography & Styling by Natalie Bray Hair and Makeup by Hair and Makeup Box

 On a beautiful fall afternoon on the shores of La Jolla, CA, Jacqueline and Jack celebrated their love and commitment to a romantic beachside honeymoon session. 

They had committed their lives and hearts to each other and wanted a way to capture a more natural, playful side to their love story. 

Jack is an avid surfer and Jacqueline adores the classic Jackie Kennedy style, so we took that as a stepping stone in creating their effortless looks. We wanted this session to showcase the alluring essence of beach style with a neutral color palette, cable knit sweaters, and incorporating sand, surf, and laughter. Jack and Jacqueline are in absolute love and it shows in these portraits.

La Jolla Engagement on cottagehill.co3.jpg
La Jolla Engagement on cottagehill.co1.jpg
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