How to Set A Beautiful Summer Tablescape

Photographs by  Lindsey LaRue

Photographs by Lindsey LaRue

When summer is in its full bloom and gathering friends and family is on the mind, I like to look around for seasonal inspiration for my entertaining. Sometimes just looking out my own window I’ll find that inspiration is as close as my own garden or neighborhood store.

Incorporating a seasonal fruit element into your tablescape design is a beautifully fresh touch. I find it adds interest, uniqueness, and always sparks a conversation at the table. For this affair, Bosch pears perfectly fit this table's color palette so I put them throughout the table runner to accent the floral centerpieces. Here’s how you can create the same feeling on your own dining table.

1. If a seasonal fruit is your inspiration, you can find any kind of fruit that catches your eye that day at your local food market. I loved the texture and color of these Bosch pears that felt both rich and lighthearted mixed in with the design, and the variety of shapes of their round base and long necks provide such a whimsical touch.

2. Pick fresh flowers from your own garden or your local market. I always keep my eye out to see if there are any garden roses or other unique flowers for sale that week! During the summer months, it’s not uncommon for me to find caramel colored roses or peonies for sale and I like to buy few bunches and use them in my day to day floral creations for my own house.

3. For greenery, I usually forage a few branches in my own backyard. You might be surprised by how easy it is to find something green and luscious on your own! Choose a few branches with some sort of curve to create movement in your floral arrangement and don’t be afraid to use something unusual- a summertime favorite that you don’t normally see in floral arrangements is honeysuckle, but I found it a beautiful addition to these. Plus, the sweet aroma was so inviting and nostalgic for guests!

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4. When arranging your flowers, keep it simple. Less is more! It's so unique to create your pieces in something else other than a glass vase so don’t be afraid to incorporate pottery or a crystal bowl you already own.

5. For your table scape, find something from your own kitchen collection. You can use mismatched china and flatware for a more interesting look, use your everyday china, or pull out something special. I love to mix in few antique or heirloom pieces like candle stick holders, salt and pepper shakers, etc. so don’t be afraid to incorporate a few family pieces into your table.

6. If you don’t already have a long table runner, make your own! Find a piece of fabric that you already own to drape along the center or scour your local fabric store. Chiffon fabric is the best to create this particular look. It's simple, affordable, doesn't require any sewing, and can be found in any of your local fabric stores. I like to make sure the fabric falls all the way to the floor for a soft, romantic look. 

7. Lastly, put out few candles to create a soft glow at your table and welcome your guests into the warmth of your home!

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