True Love on the Big Island

Photographs by  Perry Vaile

Photographs by Perry Vaile

At some point, I think everyone has dreamed of living in Hawaii. Hawaii holds a special place in my heart—I lived there as a child on Oahu. So, when creative friends have a Hawaiian story, focusing on the real Hawaii, to share I get excited to share with all of you, our dear readers. 

Here, we have Becca and Eryck's beautiful engagement session and a peek into their life on the Big Island. Eryck was kind enough to share some insight to living and getting married in paradise. Enjoy the beautiful photography by our friend Perry Vaile and this lovely couple's perspective of the place they call home. - Katie

What is your biggest piece of advice for a couple wanting to get married in Hawaii?

Find your location first, do you want a rural natural setting? or beach setting? Do you want alot of activities for the guests to do before and after? Research the different islands because Oahu of course has the big city life mixed with popular beautiful beaches, while Kauai and Big island have the more rural remote tropical island feel with sandy beaches or private coffee plantations, and Maui is right in between with a mix of everything, from tropical Hana to more manicured Wailea and Kapalua, and endless activities for guests.

We found our unique location on airB&B with a house (cottages) that allowed events!

From there talk to a good wedding planner such as Bliss & Bloom who helped us plan our wedding!

What advice do you have for couples who want to make the islands your home?

Just go for it! I moved to Maui in 1999 with two suitcases and my surfboard. I took the first job i found in the papers to afford to live and surf in Hawaii.

Consider shipping your vehicle out to Hawaii if you have a reliable newer car. Good used cars are pricey in Hawaii. My advice is to find the smallest most affordable place to live so that you don't have to work two or three jobs, and you can spend time enjoying the island.

A lot of people move to the islands and find themselves working so much they barely get to enjoy the reason they moved there in the first place, to enjoy the land of Aloha. Find a community, like a good church or a canoe team, and work at making good friends. People might be hesitant at first to truly befriend you because there are so many folks that come and go in the islands, but be open and generous and persevere at making friends and you'll find it hard to leave.

What are your favorite spots on the Big Island to eat and play?

I love Broke Da Mouth for their amazing garlic fried chicken and their short ribs, and Hayashi's for inexpensive sushi but the hours are unpredictable. Of course, we love Strawberry Patch because they catered our wedding so deliciously.