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Meet Promptly Journals.

An idea born from the on-going problem of parents witnessing their children’s life race by, yet having no time to document it. Every turn of the page reveals age relevant prompts to help you quickly jot down meaningful details about your child in the particular stage they’re in.  “Don’t blink” is a common phrase amongst Promptly Journal owners—they were made for happy, busy parent’s that are trying to savor all of the beautiful chaos.

Promptly keeps your entire child’s memories safe in 1 place, because it covers pregnancy to 18 years old (or adoption to 18 years old). It asks you a question, and you answer. It makes journalling so easy and enjoyable. All prompts inspire meaningful details you do not want to forget, and can not be captured by photos.

Our journals ask prompts like... “What was your child's favorite part about the holiday season?” “How did you feel when you first saw your child?” Or, “Is there meaning behind your child’s name?”

Have you written any of this down?

All photographs by  Becky Kimball

All photographs by Becky Kimball

The time to start is now. Give the gift of memories to your children. It’ll be a keepsake they’ll treasure forever.

Promptly Journals prompt you to write down the memories you don't want to forget with your children. See more on Cottage Hill


It was three years ago, after the birth of her first little girl, that Jayne began to search extensively for a way to capture the fleeting moments of her child’s life. When nothing was on the market she could get behind, she began to explore a concept of a better way to store her precious memories. As a graphic designer by training, she gave a shot at designing her own book. She wanted something modern, clean, and simple that wouldn’t go out of style in years to come.

Inspired by a baby book her her mother in law kept for her son, she came up with the idea to segment the journal into stages of life, ranging from pregnancy to 18 years. Each stage also would include prompts that help spark memories so the concept of blank overwhelming pages wouldn’t be there.

After a year of planning and tirelessly editing her journal, she was ready to have them manufactured. At the time of launch, Jayne was pregnant, had a two-year-old, and was running her other business, October Ink.  She had dipped into her precious savings account to pay the high cost of manufacturing, and despite people telling her it was crazy, she went all in. All in because she believed in her idea: to simplify journaling so mothers everywhere would feel empowered by recording their memories, not overwhelmed. To prompt thoughts and ideas that would create meaningful interactions for parents and children down the road.

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Jayne is a busy, hard-working mother of two and the owner of two businesses. If anyone understands how hard it is to sit down and take the time to document, it's her. But if anyone understands how important it is to record the memories, it’s also her.

The prompt-led memory book for moms, Promptly Journals. See more now on Cottage Hill

When launch day arrived in September of 2015, Jayne had no idea how her journals would be received. In the past year of business, she’s processed thousands of orders, many with the help of family members from her basement. She’s grown quickly and feels gratitude for everyone who has supported this dream and helped it become a reality.

The most beautiful journals for recording memories of your children, from pregnancy or adoption to 18. See more about Promptly Journals on Cottage Hill

Promptly is now expanding. Adoption journals just came on the market in November and we’re so thrilled with them. Jayne knows that families come in all different forms, and hope these journals capture the uniqueness of all families.

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