Celebrating May Day with the Most Beautiful Peonies

Photographs by  Simply Rosie Photography , Floral Design by  Heather Page

Photographs by Simply Rosie Photography, Floral Design by Heather Page

My dear florist friend Heather Page (whose work you are probably familiar with) and I have made a ritual each year of getting together to play when my lilacs, followed by peonies when they are blooming in my yard! It has become a part of our lifestyle.

As artists we truly need these dates throughout the year to refocus and energize our selves by simply getting together to play. We have no agenda and no plans on these days. As we like to joke, we let the flowers and surroundings speak to us and just go with the flow! 

We always walk away from these sessions inspired, empowered, energized, and ready to roll up our sleeves and face the real world again with the inspiration we've gained. We both spend the morning walking my yard with clippers and forage all the goodies, throw our bounty into buckets of water and she starts creating while I shoot!

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