A Mother-Daughter Day at an Oregon Coast Beach Home

Photographs by  Jenni Kupelian

Photographs by Jenni Kupelian

I had the opportunity to photograph my sister in law and niece during a vacation at the beach. They made up some snacks and headed to the beach to do some exploring and have a mother-daughter picnic. My corgi pup even tagged along with them!

It was fun to photograph the moments happening right in front of me, the two of them enjoying each other and windy coastline in Oregon.

My favorite moment was when I caught my sister in law hanging up some wet towels on the clothes line. I was able to create some photos that looked like they were out of another time while still staying modern and true to the moment.

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Full Story Credits: Photography by Jenni Kupelian Daughter's Wardrobe, Old Navy Mother's Wardrobe, ASOS Mother's Jewelry from Junghwa Cheese Board by Make+Stow