A Love Letter to Provence

Photographs by  Anna Doshina

Photographs by Anna Doshina

Provence, I'm still over the moon about you. Bathing in your mesmerising southern light, embraced by your lavender scent – what could be more mind blowing?

Last July we drove 1000 kilometers together with my husband and my best friend Xenia to meet Provence. We stayed in a beautiful 18th century gîte located just between Luberon and Verdon.

Everything about our stay was authentic – starting from the house that looked more like an antiques shop and ending with typical French villages and restaurants that we came across every day. I fell in love with the hilly landscape of Luberon and its hidden gems – lavender and sunflower fields alongside sandy stone houses with pastel toned blinds. The Verdon impressed us a lot with its heights, narrow roads and man-made emerald and turquoise lakes.

The highlights of this trip were discovering the small village of Saignon that felt so authentic and untouched, beautiful Rousillon that looked like a painting with its thousand tints of ochre, our relaxed electric boat sailing on the lakes Esparron and Saint Croix and meeting the sunrise over the famous «plateau de Valensole».

But above all what made this vacation feel so special it's the people I’ve shared it with. The laughs we had together, our complicity and similar way of perceiving and thinking, all these little things that tied up together perfectly to create an unforgettable and timeless getaway.


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