A Casual Evening with Friends and Sunomono Salad Recipe

Photography by  Aimi Duong

Photography by Aimi Duong

Sharing ideas of slowing down and enjoying community is much easier to say than to do. It's easier to allow 'busy' to consume our life and forget, just what is all this busy for? I love Charlene's idea here to stop the busy and enjoy the moments we so often preach, but can find it hard to practice ourselves.

As creatives, loving what we do is an understatement. We live and breathe it, and creating happiness and beauty for our clients, friends, and family is something we strive for the most. However, when work gets busy, we tend to forget to slow down and to treat ourselves to a little pamper as well.

So with this shoot, a couple of new and old friends decided to take the time to get together to celebrate and admire each other's success and passion over a beautiful dinner and great conversations. We encourage everyone to take the time to do the same with their colleagues, everyone has so much to offer, and we knew we couldn't have done it without each other.

Chefs Lai Chao, Jason Artajos, Ryan Gallego, Leon Gallego set the table with a beautiful spread of food and drink and shared with us, their Sunomono Salad recipe. Find details below the jump!

Sunomono Salad


1 Carrot (Fine Julienne)
1 Daikon (Fine Julienne)
1 Cucumber (Thinly Sliced)
1 Avocado (Large Dice)
1 Radish (Thinly Sliced)
½ C. Ocean Salad
Pinch of Sea Salt

1 C. Rice Vinegar
½ C. Sugar
2 T. Mirin
2 T. Light Soy
2 T. Dashi
2 Drops of Lemon Oil
Combine all and dissolve sugar.


Peel and cut daikon/carrot into 2” segments lengthwise. Use a mandolin to shave the segments into paper thin sheets and cut into fine julienne.

Rinse with ice water and then strain and set aside.

Cut cucumbers into 1/8” inch slices and set aside. With a mandolin, thinly shave the radish, rinse, strain and set aside.

Dice half of an avocado into large cubes. 

In a bowl, mix together daikon, carrot, cucumber, radish, and ocean salad with ¼ C. of dressing.

To plate, lay down avocado and place salad mix on top, sprinkle a pinch of sea salt and enjoy!

The Full Evening Menu


Tuna Tataki - Seared Tuna, Sesame Oil, Oldbay, Ponzu, Onion

Hamachi Tataki - Hamachi, Kimchi Ponzu, Daikon, Carrot, Ginger

Sashimi Over Ice - Tuna, Hamachi, Ocean Trout, Scallops, Horse Mackerel, Pike Mackerel

Nigiri Platter - Tuna, Hamachi, Ocean Trout, Scallops, Horse Mackerel, Pike Mackerel, Tamago, Castella


Hamachi Kama - Hamachi Collar, Soy/Mirin, Ponzu

Chicken Skewers - Chicken Thigh, Scallions, Tare

Shishito Skewers - Shishito, Sea Salt


Duck Soba - Seared Duck Breast, Buck Wheat Noodles, Dashi, Soy, Mirin, Yuzu, Scallion Curls

Sunomono Salad - Daikon, Carrot, Seaweed, Avocado, Pickles, Dashi, Lemon Oil

Lotus Root Chips - Fried Lotus, Wasabi Salt

The Table & Gathering

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Full Story Credits: Styling by Charlene Tea Photography by Aimi Duong Floral Design by Sachi Votruba Ceramics by Kiyomu Koide Chefs Lai Chao, Jason Artajos, Ryan Gallego and Leon Gallego