Welcome to Cottage Hill

Photography by Something Gold Photography

Welcome home to Cottage Hill – where ball gowns and rain boots are perfectly appropriate. Here, we value family, unconditional love and all of those old-fashioned traditions that honor the sacred wedding vows. We celebrate beautiful weddings, inspire forever marriages and whole-heartedly believe in the promises of living a meaningful life. “I do” is only the beginning.

Through this online journal, you will read stories and gather inspiration for not only your wedding day, but the life following. Staying true to the heartbeat of our mission to celebrate lives worthy of an elegant and meaningful legacy, our content features wedding, marriage and lifestyle inspiration - something that sets us apart and sets our hearts on fire.

Thank you so much to the many creatives and friends who have patiently waited for this site to come to fruition. It has been a labor of love and I am just overjoyed to finally share all of the wonderful stories we have been holding over the past few months. 

We are so excited to share the work and words of so many contributors not only through this online platform, but also through our first print publication later this fall. You can be a part of our first issue by participating in our Kickstarter campaign happening right now. Click here for more information.

Thank you again friends for the love, support and encouragement. All of this is for you. My hope is that our words and photographs speak to your heart in such a way that inspires you to pursue a life worthy of an elegant and meaningful legacy. 

Photograph by Emily Ann Hughes