Wedding Editorial Inspired by Vows

Cottage Hill - The Vows

We are so delighted to read your responses and reviews of The Homecoming Issue. Nothing brightens our day more than hearing how a story has deeply impacted you, and I hope, encouraged you to close our pages and go live your legacy. That is our goal - to encourage you to slow down and live your life.

Cottage Hill is about celebrating life through all of its chapters, that is why the magazine is divided into three. Chapter One is dedicated to life. These stories are about finding your life's most honest work, becoming your truest self and recognizing what really matters in life. Chapter Two is dedicated to love. Perhaps the most beautiful celebration in life is marriage, and we wholeheartedly believe your wedding day is just one page of this chapter. Chapter Three is all about legacy. We believe an elegant legacy is not one full of accomplishments, but full of selfless moments, beautiful moments and purpose accumulated into something that extends beyond yourself.

Today's feature is from Chapter Two of The Homecoming Issue and features Silver Cup Artist Michelle Boyd. This story elucidates the traditional wedding vows, explores their purest meaning and how these sacred promises translate into marriage. You can read more, and see more, from this story by purchasing The Homecoming Issue here

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