Unique and Effortless Bridal Inspiration

Unique and Effortless Bridal Inspiration | Cottage Hill

Arcadian (adj.) idyllically innocent; simple and untroubled by fear or worry

A personal note from Katie - Thirteen years ago this morning, our world was troubled. Fear filled the streets of one of my most beloved cities - a fear that stretched and rippled across the nation. I distinctly remember the slight panic in my heart watching the second building shutter. "Where’s dad?" was the first thought in my mind. My father, an airline pilot had just left New York City that morning. He was safe and halfway across the country, but there was never a moment that I felt a more yearning to be near family, the people that I loved than that morning. 

It has crossed my mind, what true change can Cottage Hill make in this word full of confusing chaos and evil? The kind of evil that has me crying over the morning news and completely dumbfounded of the inhumanity. But you see, that is why I did not make Cottage Hill about things that are fleeting. But I created Cottage Hill to be about love, truth and art - things that can little by little make a difference. I don’t expect our story shoots to cause world peace or end hunger, but I do see our work as a glimmer of hope for someone going through an internal turmoil. Or perhaps an article would be an encouragement to remind a couple to just love each other, no conditions. Or maybe an online journal post reminds a frantic mother that perfection and balance are just lies from keeping her from living in sweet grace. Or even, an artist lost in the distractions of this world remembers that all his craft requires of him is his truth. 

When Kylie Martin sent me her work, these serene photographs so beautifully styled by Ginny Au from the Erich McVey Workshop, I knew they were meant to be shared today.

Innocent. Simple. Untroubled.

Praying for the men and women directly affected by 9/11, the soldiers who protect our freedom and that we all find a little peace in our heart, an Arcadia, beyond the chaos. 

Photographer: Kylie Martin All images photographed at the Erich McVey Workshop in Elk, California :: Design & Styling by Ginny Au :: Hair & Makeup by Mimi and Taylor :: Floral Design by Sarah Winward :: Paper and Calligraphy by Meghan Kay Sadler :: Photo Lab: PhotoVision :: Film Sponsor: Fuji Film :: Table Linens & Rentals from 12th Table :: Venue: Cuffey’s Cove Ranch :: Arcadian Gown from Rubicon :: Arm Bracelets from Museglass :: Model: Khloe Elkins of Stars Model Management