Special Surprise for Our Subscribers

Hi, friends, Katie here. I just wanted to personally send a note out to all of our sweet and loyal fans. Creating Cottage Hill has been such a journey and an honor to lead. We are days, DAYS away from sending The Homecoming Issue to the printers. Friends, the amount of love that has been poured into every shoot, word and page is so evident in the final product that has been refined and molded into our inaugural publication. Book One of Cottage Hill is truly something unique, unlike anything on the market and I am so eager to share its message and beauty to each and every one of you.

Many of you have been following our journey for almost a year now, and to honor your loyalty we are have a very special announcement that we are sharing with our subscribers first. In our next newsletter we are sending out on Wednesday morning, our subscribers will be the first to read and see some very exciting news - truly, Cottage Hill’s most exciting news yet! So be sure you are subscribed and be sure to check your inbox early Wednesday morning!