Phoenix Lifestyle by Michelle Boyd


Beautiful sunset light, a cozy adobe home, an adorable lab and two people in love make for amazingly gorgeous photos, captured by Michelle Boyd. "Stancy and Blake are inspiring people. I visited them for a few days in their precious adobe home in Phoenix recently, and they just left me feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and joyful."

It's evident in these photographs that Stancy and Blake's love radiates joy. They've made their house into a home, by loving on and inspiring anyone who comes into it.

From Michelle, "Getting to capture them in their living room has been one of my favorite experiences as a photographer. They were truly relaxed and comfortable, and made my work so easy and enjoyable... I just got to watch them be loving and gentle!"

After being photographed in their home, they ventured to Camelback mountain, where Stancy and Blake have taken many hikes since moving to Phoenix. 

Photography by Michelle Boyd