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Welcome to Cottage Hill! I have been waiting to say those words for quite a while now and I am so excited to finally share even more of Cottage Hill’s heart.

The heartbeat of Cottage Hill is the quiet moments a bride shares with her dad before he walks her down the aisle or the soft click of a lock turning on a couple’s new home together. At Cottage Hill we celebrate the everyday. We believe “I do” is only the beginning of a beautiful legacy.

Cottage Hill is so much more than just another wedding or lifestyle magazine. This is a movement to bring love stories back into weddings and life into lifestyle. The perfection that is sought after so often in this world does not exist. With an industry filled with so much noise and comparison, it is time to focus on the true meaning of a wedding – marriage and a long-life together. A marriage built around love, faith, family, generations and life is a legacy.

We need your help. By partnering with us as a contributor on Kickstarter you become a part of this beautiful story right alongside our editors, designers, creatives and so many more. You will play a key role in helping spread the message of living a life worthy of an elegant and meaningful legacy.

As a contributor, you will help Cottage Hill become a beautiful keepsake magazine -- a magazine that will adorn coffee tables and bookshelves for years to come. You will help breathe love, life and laughter into the pages of The Homecoming Issue. Together, we can celebrate beautiful weddings, inspire forever marriages and rejoice in living a meaningful life.­ 

Join us tomorrow as we share our first real wedding!

Photographs by Emily Ann Hughes

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