Finding The Dress

As a little girl, I would put on one of my mom's white nightgowns, a floppy sun hat, costume jewelry, and high heels that were five sizes too large and pretend that I was getting ready for my wedding day. There's something surreal about trying on wedding dresses for the first time after years of dreaming and dress-up.

Shopping for my wedding dress was a whirlwind experience. Seventy-two hours into being engaged, my mother and I walked into our local bridal shop and pulled tons of gowns. For us, it wasn't about finding the "right" dress or having this picture-perfect experience. It was about laughing until we couldn't breathe over a dress that was so poofy I could barely fit through the dressing room door. It was about knowing that my soon-to-be husband would watch me walk down the aisle in whatever gown I choose. In a way, we were there for the experience, not the dress. But low and behold, my gown was in that bridal boutique. As I put a veil on my head, my mom and I shared a moment that I will always treasure. We didn't have to say anything, we just knew. I had found my dress.

What I love about this shoot at The Dress Theory is the way Jessica Sloane designed each detail to perfectly reflect the beauty this special experience possesses. The gowns that The Dress Theory pulled were flawless, Austin Gros captured the shoot effortlessly, but what really pulls at my heartstrings are the emotions in the mother and daughter's eyes. Especially when they realize they have found the one.

Story by Cottage Hill :: Design by Jessica Sloane :: Photography by Austin Gros :: Hair + Makeup by Amanda Gros :: Venue + Bridal Gowns: The Dress Theory :: Gown #1: The Mae by Johanna Johnson :: Gown #2: Elizabeth by Sarah Seven :: Gown #3: The Hendricks by Johanna Johnson