The Second Honeymoon

Honeymoon Story |

As her eyelids parted and the cool morning air filled her lungs, she awoke to the day marked on her calendar for quite some time. One year ago today, they vowed to love each other for better or for worse, both of which came their way. She turned her face to glance at his side of the bed, and he was gone. Did he remember?

He called to her, and his voice assured her that he did. The knot in her stomach made way for butterflies, and she followed him outside. He opened her car door, and she slid into the old leather seat, ready for adventure. She hadn’t a clue where they were going, and that was the thrill of it; they were pioneers of the open road and life.

The breeze danced in her hair as they cruised East, windows down and spirits up. He turned on the radio, and they laughed as they reminisced about their wedding day. This getaway was exactly what they needed. A year had passed, and their love had changed; she couldn’t tell if it was a product of growing wiser or growing apart. The love letters had slowed, and the hand-holding had ceased. This wasn’t where she imagined they’d be. Deep down, she felt lost.

Her gaze was interrupted by the sound of gravel under the tires. They pulled over to the side of the road, and he reached for the glove compartment. Instinctively, she handed him the map and compass. They were, indeed, lost. Somewhere along the line, on this journey, in this marriage, they took a wrong turn. In this moment of adversity, she knew her actions would speak a thousand words, and she decided, at that moment, to love him. She reached for his hand, fingers interlaced, and silently vowed to let him lead. 

The engine started up again, and they were on their way to a place far greater than the one they had left behind. They arrived at the edge of the earth and inhaled the salty sea air deep into their lungs. At this moment, they were alive. They were pioneers because they chose to be, penning their own story, destination unknown. For it’s not the destination that defines our story; It’s the adventure.

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Artistic Credits: Photography by Michelle Lange Photography Creative Direction, Styling, Story, Concept & Floral Design by Kristin Polhemus of Reveriemade Calligraphy, Décor, Styling & Concept by Alyssa Thiel of Parris Chic Boutique Vintage Automobile provided by Rob Naia of Trophy Film Cars Bell Tent by Soul Pad Beauty by Stacie Ford of Stacie Ford Weddings Models, Weronika Kucharska and Stephen Gibson of Wilhelmina Philadelphia

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