Drop the Drama of Comparison


We are so excited about our newest educational course offering, Mastering Instagram for Creatives. One of the biggest challenges with creating a purposeful and successful Instagram is to approach the platform with confidence, not comparison. This course will teach you how to let go of the drama of comparison so that you are free to share your work, your message and your heart. Here is an excerpt, written by Cottage Hill Founding Editor Katie O. Selvidge. 

Her Success is Not Your Failure. My good friend Jenna Kutcher shared this quote with me during her interview for our Pioneer issue. I think we quickly lose our footing when we believe that because someone else is finding immense success and joy in their journey, our journey is a little less meaningful or not ‘good enough.’ We all have our moments in the sun, and if you have been working from your truth, it is much easier to turn down the volume of comparison and truly celebrate others’ success. Also, the same is true in reverse…
Your Success is Not Her Failure. We often forget that comparison goes both ways in our heart. Just because you got the client, or you got published on a blog or magazine or you got many, many new followers quickly, does not mean your fellow artists are any less talented or smart. This is something we would never vocalize, but it can be a thought in our heart which develops into a mindset which creates an attitude and later transforms into work that is not true or authentic, but stems from an unhealthy pride.
Success and Failure are Part of Everyone’s Journey. To drop the drama of comparison, we have to remember that everything is temporary - including success and failure. There will be highs and there will be lows for you, for your creative friend, your creative competitor, your creative mentor and team. The purpose in our art is not about chasing those highs and running away from the lows, but about living in grace amidst the cycle of learning and growth.
Dropping the Drama of Comparison is a Sign of a Professional. The amateur creates strictly based on mood. The professional simply gets to work.

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Video by Molly Thompson Visuals : Photography and Styling by Abby Roses Henry : Props by Tyler Thrasher Art, Model : Model, Abby Tohline : Venue, The First Ward in Tulsa, OK