Embracing Authenticity


While creating Mastering Instagram for Creatives, we wanted to be clear with our students that the source of your intentions on Instagram should come from a place of authenticity and purpose. The truth is that anyone can get a lot of followers in a short amount of time. Just a few tactics and strategies can get your visible numbers soaring. But for us, it's about the numbers you don't see, the stories not shared and reaching the followers we can serve most. And you can only attract those whom you can most serve by being authentic.

Regardless if you are a creative, entrepreneur or simply interested in sharing a message, we can all embrace authenticity a little more.

We often assume authenticity means two things. Either you share a very unedited, raw version of yourself, or you share a very edited version of your reality. In The Pioneer Issue, we discussed this at large. Regarding the trend to be '#authentic,' it almost became a competition of who could be more 'real.' From posts that were uncomfortably personal to posts that were unbelievable - no one wakes up looking that good - the pursuit of sharing honestly was often found void or contrived. 

Very few people were embracing the definition and value of the word. Those people were finding success because they embraced true authenticity. You may not have seen a 'k' next to the number of their followers, but I bet if you reviewed their bank statements or even less materialistic, the quality of reviews and satisfaction of their customers, you'd see a success valued much higher than any social media milestone. 

Being authentic means embracing who you are rather than who you think you should be, or rather than who you think others expect you to be. For creative entrepreneurs, I simply ask, "Are you pursuing your life's most honest work?" 

Truth. That is what determines what is authentic.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive.” — Dr. Howard Thurman

As creatives, we work with beautiful things, and we should share those beautiful things and beautiful moments. There is so much evil and unkindness in this world. Our truth is that we have the capacity to bring some light, emphasize the good and promote more loveliness into the world. We should not be ashamed to share beauty, just like we should not be ashamed to be vulnerable.

The more we understand our truth, appreciate the value we have to give for others, the easier it is for us to share authentically, wholeheartedly. And therefore, the more effortless it is to attract those whom we can serve most. No unending hashtags or quick and easy tactics required.

A simple and elegant path.

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Video by Molly Thompson Visuals : Photography and Styling by Abby Roses Henry : Props by Tyler Thrasher Art, Model : Model, Abby Tohline : Venue, The First Ward in Tulsa, OK