Breakfast in Bed

Cottage Hill Valentines

Happy Valentines weekend! This Valentines is extra sweet for us, but more on that later today. This morning we have a special story from Live View Studios celebrating the small moments. Here is what Brent shared with us:

Love isn’t always found in only the grand and extravagant gestures. Often it’s shown in the simple and ordinary moments of the day, like waking up together and making breakfast with warm sun streaming through the windows. Sharing a late morning snuggle in bed because both of you don’t feel like getting out of bed just yet. Taking time to play together. A kiss from him with a surprise gift. Even in the mundane, love can be nurtured and grown. No matter how small, no kind gesture towards each other is wasted. 

Take every available moment of time together. Find ways to show love to each other throughout each simple daily task. And then each morning, wake up and fall in love all over again. 

Venue, The Bradford :: Hair & Makeup by Perfection by Patricia :: Jewelry provided by Glitz & Love  :: Film Processing & Scans by Photovision