Blueberry Elderflower Lemonade Recipe

Cottage Hill Blueberry Elderflower Lemonade

Last year, we shared this refreshing lemonade recipe for the 4th of July weekend. As the heat continues to linger this summer, a glass of this blueberry elderflower lemonade may be just what you need!

As we break away from our office and head to the lake and sunshine with our families, I just want to take a moment to express gratitude for being an American. Speaking on our country's great freedoms can be conveyed in cliche's, but at Cottage Hill, we are especially grateful for the freedom of speech to share meaningful stories here and in our books - sharing equal parts truth and beauty with complete freedom and confidence.

We are so grateful we can live the life we desire, that we have the freedom to pursue happiness and a life lived wholeheartedly without fear or restraint. And of course, we are grateful for the freedom to love. Beyond the realms of romantic or marital love, we have the freedom to love thy neighbor and to us, that is the most special aspect whether exemplified in the sacrifice of a soldier, the prayers of a community's church or sharing a pitcher of lemonade to your neighbor who needs a little extra sunshine. Love never fails. 

Speaking of sharing a pitcher of lemonade with your neighbor, our Creative Assistant Abby Rose Henry went on an adventure with her mom to create a Blueberry Elderflower Lemonade you will want to make for this weekend's festivities. With the floral notes of elderflower and sweetness of freshly picked blueberries, this recipe is sure to loved by all! Scroll down for photographs and recipe. 

Blueberry Elderflower Lemonade

Ingredients :: You will need Elderflower Lemonade (or Elderflower Syrup), sparkling mineral water, blueberries, lemons, mint leaves and ice. 

Step One :: If it's available to you, we highly recommend you grab your mother or best friend and pick fresh blueberries at your local berry farm. We love not only knowing where our food comes from, but getting to know the people who grow our food. So take your time exploring the farm and getting to know the farmers. Plus, fresh blueberries are the best!

Step Two :: Set your ingredients out and maybe take a sip of your Elderflower Lemonade and see for yourself if you prefer it’s sweetness or if you and your guests would prefer a little more dilution. We recommend filling your pitcher with either 1/2 or 3/4 full of the Elderflower Lemonade. If you are working with Elderflower Syrup, think approximately 2 Tablespoons per glass. 

Step Three :: Cut up those lemons into nice thing slices so the concoction can soak in all of the fresh juice. For the blueberries, think 10 berries per glass as you fill your pitcher. If you’d like more of that blueberry flavor, go ahead and muddle or puree about 1/2 cup of blueberries if you are looking for a more berry taste. Add in the mint leaves, approximately 2-3 leaves per intended glass. If you muddled or pureed your blueberries, be sure to stir and mix well so it doesn’t settle.

Step Four :: Finally, once you’re ready to serve, fill up the rest of your pitcher with sparkling mineral water. The sparkling water will give a little more kick to the lemonade. Be sure to taste test as you go, you may want to balance with a little more Elderflower Lemonade or Elderflower syrup. Be sure each glass gets a good amount of lemons, blueberries and mint to come complete the drink. Have a seat and enjoy sipping and chatting over this delicious summer treat!

All photographs by Owl & Anchor Studios Styled by Abby Roses