At Home

Cottage Hill_Sawyer Baird

You know those days when time seems to slow down? You sip your coffee a little longer, you linger on the front porch to feel the autumn breeze, and you stop and smell the roses (literally). Those quiet moments alone give you the ability to care for and love those around you well. This shoot was inspired by those days. 

When creating the story, we wanted to document the beautiful process of planning, prepping, and creating a meal for those you love. Hosting loved ones in our home presents us with an opportunity to turn off the busy and simply be. My favorite part of this shoot photographed by Sawyer Baird was how real it was. Sara chasing her boys around the backyard and the tiny giggles and flour covered hands. It was slow, simple, and oh so sweet. 

Cottage Hill Original :: Photography by Sawyer Baird :: Hair + Makeup by Hannah Bolton :: Sponsors: Ice Milk Aprons