Old World Bridal Inspiration


This 'old world'-inspired bridal was inspired by Stephanie's (of Booth Photographics) recent time in Napa. The balance of elegance and organic from the landscape gave her the idea to create a bridal moment that reflected that same effortless and graceful feeling. Here is what she had to share with us:

After spending time enjoying Napa valley, I felt incredibly inspired by the balance between manicured elegance and organic freedom. From beautiful landscaping and neat rows of grapevines to the rough textures of natural stone, worn brick, and unruly olive trees, I wanted to craft bridal inspiration that reflected my love for that balance. 

Everything our bride chose looks effortless, and a little unruly. And that kind of joie de vivre is what I always find attractive when I photograph a bride-that spirit, life, and joy. There’s such pleasure in finding that, drawing it out, and capturing it artistically for her to remember.


Photography by Booth Photographics :: Florals by Delphinium Floral :: Gown by MoniRose Bespoke Gowns :: Paper by Anelise Salvo :: Venue, Castelli Di Amorosa 

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