The Living Room

Community is everything. Especially as newlyweds, it's so important to cultivate not just any community, but good community. All of these words like authentic and cultivate community seem to be cliche for their overuse, but developing relationships with people to do life with is a natural and important part of growing into your most authentic self. 

Sometimes as newlyweds, it can seem overwhelming to have company over in a tiny apartment or home. The thoughts of not having a home or space good enough can creep in. We start to compare our home to others and question our decorating or if our space is large enough. Here's something to consider, no one will remember what's on your mantle or where your coffee table is from if you simply offer to listen and provide honest, meaningful conversation. Today's original shoot is all about that. Gathering with friends means being able to kick off your shoes, share food and a few laughs. 

Katie O. SelvidgeComment