Simple Fall Floral Tutorial

Fall Flower Arrangement Tutorial |

While it may not technically be fall yet, the faint chill in the air and return of pumpkin lattes, breads and cakes has us looking forward to the new season. Florist Sean and Silver Cup Artist Christi of Godwink Art Photography teamed up to share a simple tutorial for a fall arrangement using seasonal blooms and greenery. Enjoy!


Purple ranunculus
Wild berries
Waterproof floral tape


1. After purchasing your flowers from your local floral market, make sure to separate your blooms. During this time I also like to clean the stems and cut off any extra leaves. Rule of thumb: cut the leaves off at he water line and cut the stems at an angle.

2. Use any type of vase that has as wide mouth and a deep body. Create a grid using the waterproof floral tape (or scotch tape as a last resort). This holds the stems in place and gives construction.

3. I started with the Eucalyptus. I knew I wanted an asymmetrical design. Placing the greenery first will give you an idea of your shape.  Use twine or another small string that can hold up the heavier pieces, and use it at your discretion. I then added the contrasted Amaranths on the opposite side to complete the asymmetry. 

4. Start with adding in larger items and then begin to place smaller items in the negative space. Know what items you want to be your focal point, and place them first. 

5. Start filling in your design with smaller items. For instance the wild berries we used, were added in last, and grouped around like colors. 

We love the little duck that decided to model with the arrangement - see below!

Photography by Godwink Art Photography :: Floral Tutorial by Sean Strong :: Flowers provided by Cut Flower

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