A Timeless Anniversary

Cottage Hill Anniversary

We love anniversary sessions. There is nothing sweeter than seeing love, lasting love. And this afternoon session nestled in rolling hills makes for an elegant evening for Amanda and Chris to celebrate their fives years together. Here is what photographer Jake Anderson shared with us:

Amanda and Chris are the sort of people who, with seeming effortlessness, allow a simple wardrobe, and an incredible landscape so perfectly showcase the nuances and characteristics of their relationship. This session celebrates five years of marriage, and their joy in these images displays oneness, as well as an anticipation, an optimism for the future. The landscape was chosen with intention - the lone oaks symbolizing hope and optimism while the surrounding rolling fields give a sense of wonder, the wonder one feels while traveling; an accurate fit for a couple whose hobby it seems is traveling. These images have such a timelessness and joy to them, which allows their true relationship to be displayed now, as well as the many more anniversary celebrations to come.

Katie O. SelvidgeComment