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"Remember when you were first dating? You tingled all over when his lips grazed your forehead. The weight of his hand on your knee as you drove down the street providing comfort on a difficult day or anticipation for this kiss goodnight. Remember the first morning you woke up as husband and wife? It felt electric when he greeted you good morning my beautiful wife. Such sweet gestures created moments of striking intimacy. Fast-forward to where you find yourselves in your marriage today – do these same gestures that were once acts of subtle passion still affect you in the same way?” - Meredith Peebles, The Captivated Issue

From Chapter Three of The Captivated Issue, we shared some thoughts on intimacy in marriage accompanied by beautiful images by Austin Gros and styling, hair and makeup by his wife Amanda Gros. We are excited to have Austin and Amanda return for The Pioneer Issue as part of our cover story’s creative team. To read and see more on this feature, you can order our latest issue here