The Artist :: The Captivated Issue

Cottage Hill The Artist

In a world in which so many of us are curating the most beautiful, widely-appealing parts of our lives for public display in tiny squares - and making evaluations of the lives of others - we are often more aware of what others want and expect us to care about than what we actually do. It’s not just social media - it’s at the gym, at work, at our kids’ schools and at family reunions. We all know that giving in to these expectations can be damaging - but the more these expectations are reinforced, the more difficult it can become to decipher them from our own. - Joya Rose

The first story of our latest issue, The Captivated Issue features floral designer Yasmine Khatib and designer / writer Joya Rose and heir conversation on the creative process, beauty with integrity and being captivated by what really matters. Here are a few moments from their shoot captured by Silver Cup Artist Lucia Gill, read more in The Captivated Issue.

Featuring Floral Designer, Model Yasmine Khatib :: Photography by Lucia Gill :: Design, Styling and Story written by Joya Rose