Floral Tutorial


Today we are sharing a floral tutorial from Tahnee of Celsia Floral captured by Maru Photgoraphy. Below Tahnee shares a bit about her love of flowers! 

I’ve always loved flowers. It’s as though they have a way of whispering to me; capturing my attention. Sometimes I think they’re telling me a story. Their color, their shape and height, the wall they are climbing, the fence they peek through. My imagination goes into overdrive. Other times a bloom can sit there peacefully, soaking in the sun’s rays. I often feel compelled to snip just one stem and use it to tell my own story. Wandering the beautiful farm where some of the flowers are grown for our own shop always elicits in me that desire. Apple blossom, lilac, dogwood and fern; every corner I turn a new shrub or striking tree catches my eye. As a writer I’ve long relied on words to express myself. Never could I have imagined I’d find so much joy as a floral designer, selecting blooms and greens to do the same. Flowers are indeed nature’s storytellers. How fortunate we are to be able to share stories with such beauty.

Supplies :

  • three types of greens/foliage
  • flowers ranging in size - small and large blooms
  • vase
  • floral shears 
  • tape

Step by Step Instruction :

1. Collect flowers from your garden or purchase your flowers. Before starting cut all the stems on an angle and strip the stems of any leaves that will be below the waterline. 

2. Create a grid on the top of your vase using tape. This will help keep things in position once you begin adding stems.

3. Start with your foliage adding in the greens to create the shape you want your arrangement to take.

4. Begin adding flowers starting with the largest blooms first. These will become the focal points of your arrangement. Gradually add the smaller blooms in between following the shape you made with your greens base. When adding blooms, think about grouping like colors together.

5. Add any fillers or smaller accent blooms that will become the finishing touches to your design.

Photography by Maru Photgoraphy :: Florals by Celsia Floral :: Set furniture from Spruce Collective :: Shoot Location at Private Residence