A Serenbe Love Story

Cottage Hill Serenbe

Today we get to share the love story of Michael and Maryashley. Their photographer Alea Moore shared their sweet story and captured them enjoying the natural beauty of Serenbe Farms. Read more from Alea below.

True love starts with countless versions. In this one version, Former Mets baseball player, Michael Fisher, and California native Maryashley, share how they met because a friend and former Georgia Tech teammate called Michael at 4:00 am to tell him about a girl he thought would be perfect for him. 

Michael shares, "Of course I didn't pick up. In a voicemail my friend practically yelled, 'Fish, you're about to miss your chance with the one and only... Maryashley Whitaker!' When I called him back and he told me all about her. How she was flying in from California, so here was my chance.  What did he tell her about me, that I like Oreos and YouTube? With such little knowledge about me, she accepted a first date. I took her for a walk around Chastain Park, and from that moment, we both knew we had something special. Ever since, we have never wanted to leave each other's side!" 

Maryashley shares, "Since our first visit to the adorable community of Serenbe, several years ago we have been in love. Once we drove into the community we had this overwhelming rush of 'ahhhh, everything is ok in the world.' We didn’t want to leave! The grass just seems so much greener, the people have an extra skip in their step, and the air is fresher. Serenbe has a remarkable way of making us feel at peace. We truly couldn’t think of a better place to skip around in our love than in the wide open fields of Serenbe."

When asked about what they are most excited for marriage, the couple responded, "That adventure called life. We just have so much fun together and knowing we get to spend the rest of our lives together, playing house, learning new tricks in the kitchen, cooking together, waking up together in the mornings, finding that perfect restaurant, kissing each other goodbye before leaving for work, its the simple things that come with life, we are most looking forward to."

Location, Serenbe :: Hair and Makeup by Paisley Salon :: Gown from Urban Outfitters :: Dress by Chinese Laundry