A personal note from Editor in Chief Katie O. Selvidge - 

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Tomorrow, The Captivated Issue officially launches. You will start seeing in pop up in all Barnes & Noble stores tomorrow, and then more next week. The stories in this issue are very raw, honest - making our contributors vulnerable, but so powerful in their capacity to spread hope. Love comes from truth. Power comes from vulnerability. Two things I learned on the journey of this second issue. 

"But what if tomorrow, it was all gone?" This is the first question in the Assured + Well curriculum and as I prepare for the sessions next week, how applicable is it for me and the Cottage Hill team today? This question a very real perspective to what we do, not just with the magazine, but our lives. It redefines all that we, all that we want, all that we love. The breakthrough is found in the breakdown. For us, it means the process is just as important as the product. And its in the process that true satisfaction, living intentionally in your core desires daily is found. If you want to learn how to live like this and create your most honest work, we would love to have you join us next week. 

We have a just a few more spaces left for our sessions next week. May 12th the entire Cottage Hill team - Ajenda and Meghan -  and I are in Round Top, Texas; and May 14th our Creative Assistant Abby and I are in Carlton Landing, Oklahoma. Click here to reserve your space now.