Assured + Well

Click here to learn more about Assured + Well at The Vintage Round Top

This week The Captivated Issue launches and next week, we host our very first Assured + Well sessions - what an exciting month! In case you missed our previous posts, Assured + Well is our new full-day intensive challenging you to pursue your life's most honest direction. Whether you are a creative, entrepreneur, mom, student or just not sure what - it does not matter. Through a curriculum by Editor in Chief Katie O. Selvidge developed inspired by her time as a ballet dancer and work as an independent, self-publisher, Assured + Well sessions are designed to not just set goals and talk about dreams, but dive deep into what it means to live in those intentional desires daily through day-setting. 

Assured + Well is a curriculum-based intensive with 10 proprietary concepts intended to educate and inspire attendees into immediate action. Having a set curriculum confirms to attendees that they will leave each intensive with a set list of challenging ideas and a clear plan. The Assured + Well concepts are of progressive nature, meaning, each session is a unique experience as information and methods are constantly updated and improved. If you attend the very first intensive, then decided to attend again a few months later, you have a completely different experience. 

Discussions do not intentionally prompt emotional responses, as we do not believe that any sort of sensationalization or manipulation encourages true emotional connection. Assured + Well is not a pep talk, yet it is a highly motivating experience. Nor is it based on any sort of affirmations, although some attendees may provide verbal declarations if it serves them and a particular session group best. Bottom line, these intensives are about getting honest, no matter what that looks like - no special effects necessary. 

Click here to learn more about Assured + Well at Carlton Landing

Who should attend Assured + Well?

  • Anyone who feels a bit lost, like maybe they are the last person to get on the ‘be your own boss' bus. However, there is an ember deep in their soul they know they need to act on, now!
  • Anyone who has fantastic goals - intentional and meaningful goals. They are pumped up, excited and ready to go...just not sure exactly where or how.
  • Anyone who is overwhelmed and over it. They know all the mantras and 'tricks' and now all of the shiny goals have been checked off, they're not as fulfilled as they had hoped. 
  • Anyone who needs a change - a deep, in their soul change for something more true and sustainable.

What Assured + Well is not...

  • A workshop on styling, photography, florals, calligraphy or instruction on a creative  skill, craft or discipline. We have many Silver Cup Artists and friends who have beautiful workshops we'd be happy to recommend if that is what you are looking for.
  • A pep talk. Brief personal stories may be shared, breakthroughs may inspire powerful emotions and some attendees may need to make declarations, but this intensive is focused on clear action, beyond motivation and excitement.
  • Frilly or fluffy. From content to materials, this curriculum is serious about helping YOU pursue your life's most honest work. We will hit the ground running immediately.

Are you ready to know for certain what your life's most honest direction is?

Do you want to do the work, right now?

Do you want to feel good?

Our first session is Tuesday, May 12th at The Vintage Round Top, Texas - only ONE spot left! - and our second session is Thursday, May 14th in Carlton Landing, Oklahoma with a few more spots left. Click here to learn more about the sessions, curriculum and how you can join us!