Cottage Hill News + The Vintage Round Top

Happy Friday! We are working away on The Pioneer Issue which will debut in October 2015. We already have incredible artists working on many stories, but we are looking for contributing writers for this issue. To be considered please send your information with two writing samples to! Also, we are still accepting submission for poetry for The Pioneer Issue. To see all guidelines click here. We can't wait to hear from you! 

Today we are sharing some photographs by Silver Cup Artist Sarah Best of The Vintage Round Top and a Q&A with owner Paige who graciously hosted us for our team retreat and first Assured + Well session. Read below to learn more behind this sweet, Texas getaway. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
My husband Smoot and I have been married for 15 years and have three children ages 19, 12, and 10. In addition to The Vintage Round Top, we also own State Contractors, a general contracting firm that specializes in remodeling commercial and apartment buildings. We love to travel as a family and are headed to Barcelona, Provence, and Paris this summer!    

How did you come to own The Vintage Round Top?
We took the scenic way back home after a visit with Smoot’s mom in New Braunfels, Texas. Having decided a few years ago to live with intention, we stopped to look at a farmhouse for sale on Hwy 237. We thought we’d get the “mojo” working for our goal of buying a country house a few years down the road. The real estate agent suggested we rent the house as a way of "affording it now" and revealed there were “big things” about to happen in Round Top, Texas. Although we did not buy that particular house, we did decide to move forward with finding and starting a home rental business in Round Top.
Tell us about the re-design and overhaul of the space. What all did you and your husband do and what was the design goal?
Smoot and I, along with our crew from State Contractors, basically took the original house to the studs. We ripped out the wall to wall carpet and kitchen cabinetry, tore down walls and added an additional 300 square feet. We decided to use the large amount of sheet rock to our advantage. By marrying the clean lines with vintage and reclaimed touches, we forged our signature “Modern Vintage” style. The walls were kept clean of clutter so the lighting fixtures and reclaimed materials could be the "art". We made most of the lighting and furniture from vintage and found objects in keeping with our goal of sustainability.    
We loved the unique design touches and salvaged pieces throughout the space. What are some of your favorite, unique pieces in the home?
The suitcase wall is one of our favorites, but was the most difficult to execute. It was like a life size puzzle. We also love the way the day bed came together. The dining table top that was originally used by carnies makes us smile, wondering if the Sword Swallower or the Lion Tamer may have broken bread on it. The sconces over the daybed made from rusted cow feed sifters are also a favorite.    
Why Round Top? Tell us about the things to do and see in Round Top that you most enjoy and that your guests enjoy.
We love the gentle rolling hills and beautiful landscape of the area. Aside from the Antique Festival twice a year, Round Top has two town squares, six art galleries, a dozen shops, Junk Gypsy headquarters, Festival Hill, Royers Café and one blinking stop light. There are chili cook-offs, wine/art walks, July 4th parades, and more. It's amazing how much stuff goes on every weekend in a town of 90 people.
Your pantry store had some great little candles and soaps for guests to take home – we loved this genius idea. What made you decide to sell these items and which ones are your favorites?
We call it “Shop Where You Sleep.” We decided to let our house guests touch, feel, and smell the RVT products for themselves. We also added a few hand-picked antiques to put in the cabinet for guests to get the Round Top shopping experience without ever having to leave the home. I personally love the hand-made soaps - the lavender scent is my favorite!
When guests come to stay at The Vintage, what do you hope they feel?
Inspired, relaxed, peaceful.
What’s next for you and The Vintage?
Smoot and I were asked to be one of the keynote speakers at the Dallas Market Center this June. We’re thrilled to be in the line-up with Rachel Ashwell and Libby Landgon. We are also working with an architect on plans to add a second cottage, two tree forts, and a complete landscape overhaul to the home rental property. Our other big project we’re currently working on is a textile line that will include pillows, bags, and journals. It's slated to be ready this Fall.  

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