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Cottage Hill - Illume Retreat

This fall, Editor in Chief Katie will be speaking at the first Illume Retreat in Austin, Texas, designed by Bonnie from B is for Bonnie. Katie will be speaking about “Creating more than a Business” and explain how she started Cottage Hill on the idea of a legacy. Read more about her session below:

We all want to create a successful business. We want to accomplish great things and make what matters happen. But then what? What comes after we achieve the dream? For some people, they realize the dream wasn’t as fulfilling as they’d hoped and move on to another business, project or process, chasing the next shiny goal. Some people achieve the dream, yet seem to continue to grow into the dream, scaling new mountains and creating something more than a beautiful and secure business.

Follow Katie point by point on how she created Cottage Hill, a business that goes beyond shiny goals and pretty accomplishments, but is her life’s most honest work. Discover your life’s most honest work through asking yourself the hard questions, understand the joy of the journey instead of getting hung up on goal-setting and clearly identify your business’s true role in your life. Be ready to take lots of notes on how to define and create your legacy, infusing purpose into every aspect of your business.

Other wonderful speakers featured at the retreat include the retreat founder Bonnie Bakhtiari, Laura Joseph, Jenna Kutcher, Shalyn Nelson and Kylie Swanson. Here is more from Bonnie:

The illume retreat was created to invest, love on and pour into creative business owners who seek to turn their businesses into intentional, heartfelt endeavors that are grounded on purpose. In our efforts to create a successful business, provide for our families and make a name for ourselves, we often forget that our businesses have the potential to offer us so much more than a paycheck. illume exists to help us refocus on building businesses that afford us the opportunity to bring authentic value to our lives and the lives of others, all while fueling our creative passions and achieving big goals! illume is for the creative who desires to refresh her spirit, the big dreamer who craves a way of doing business intentionally and from the heart, and the boss lady who seeks to walk away with a tight knit community of like-minded women who are cheering her onto a life well-lived.

Cottage Hill - Illume Retreat

From October 26 – 28, please join us for what’s sure to be a sweet time of refresh, relationship building, gleaning practical takeaways and intentional business planning. During this time, you will be encouraged and poured into by six industry leaders who are passionate about equipping you to build the intentional business of your dreams. With six sessions geared to impart practical information on creating a purposeful business, two hands-on creative sessions designed to spark your artistic sensibilities and teach you a valuable new skill, as well as dedicated Q&A time with our entire speaker lineup, planned breakouts for planning and reflection, and thoughtfully curated surprises peppered in between, illume promises to be nothing short of life changing.

Cottage Hill - Illume Retreat

Seats are limited. To reserve your all-inclusive registration, check us out at or!

All photos by Lauren Carnes Photogrpahy