Blue Egg Brunch

Cottage Hill Brunch

We are honored to share a special family tradition of the Diefenderfer family. A tradition of the women celebrating an upcoming wedding with natural blue eggs, brunch and trying on wedding gowns. The latest bride of the family, Elizabeth shared the history of this sweet brunch with us:

It was almost Easter weekend five years ago and my younger sister was soon to be engaged, unbeknownst to her of course; she would be the first of my sisters and I and we were so ecstatic, anxiously awaiting the big moment. Days before this blessed event a local photographer and friend, Samantha Lamb, held an art show at our family’s dessert cafe in which she also would be raffling off a dozen of her lovely blue eggs, laid by one of her very own chickens (if you knew Samantha this whimsical story would not come as a surprise to you). As luck would have it, I was the winner of the blue eggs, sparking what would become a new family tradition. After Katie’s engagement, my mom, twin sister and I decided to throw together a “Something Borrowed Something Blue Egg Brunch” the following week to celebrate our sweet sister and her upcoming nuptials. 

The dress code was something blue, the brunch entailed delicious food involving many something blues or in that same family (rosemary purple potatoes, blueberry pancakes, etc.), and of course the lovely blue eggs acquired from our friend were very much a part of the festivities, incorporated in the meal as well as on display at the center of our table; they were what sparked the idea after all so we felt they deserved a place of honor. Immediately following the brunch was wedding dress shopping! We wanted our sister to feel special, celebrated and doted on. We absolutely love celebrating each other and our celebrations usually involve food, although we are probably the only girls I know of who gorge themselves with delicious food right before wedding dress shopping. The day was so lovely and precious.
A couple of years later my twin sister Megan was the next to be engaged. It was a given that the “blue egg brunch” would be taking place so we contacted our blue egg supplier, making sure to not give any surprises away as to the impending proposal. The meal and home where the brunch took place changed but the heart of the brunch and what we were celebrating remained the same, followed of course by dress shopping. 

I was the last of the sisters to enter into holy matrimony two years later. I loved knowing the brunch was the first of many festivities I was soon to enjoy as I entered into this wonderful union. I’m so grateful for these incredible women in my life and that I know we can celebrate each other well in ways that honor each other, knowing we will have a blast in the process and eat well.

Photography by Ely Fair Photography :: Florals & Styling by Juniper Designs :: Venue, Cuppies & Joe :: Hair and Makeup by Molly McGuire :: Food & Vision Casting :: Peggy Diefenderfer, Megan Mathews, Elizabeth Fleming, Katie Floyd - Owners of Cuppies & Joe :: Calligraphy & Vision Castng by Megan Matthews, co-owner of Cuppies & Joe :: Special thanks to Sam Lamb for sharing eggs with us!