Cottage Hill News - Preorder The Captivated Issue

Cottage Hill Magazine

Friends, we are so excited to announce that we are opening The Captivated Issue for preorders! Our second issue develops our mission even further to celebrate lives worthy of an elegant and meaningful legacy. The 'captivated' theme is the under current of the entire issue - each story will challenge you to question what truly captivates your heart.

Challenge. This issue has been a challenge - and I mean that in the best possible way. We have challenged artists to do things that have never been done. We have challenged our writers to share wholeheartedly, and who in turn, have so graciously bared their souls into their stories. We have challenged ourselves to go beyond any one genre or representation of our mission embracing the stories of life long before and long after the wedding - courageously pursuing our stance as a wedding and lifestyle publication. There are so many good things I want to spill about this magazine to you. But you will just have to wait until May.

Click on the button below to preorder and see one, maybe two exclusive previews, plus a list of our contributors. Be sure to preorder now as we are printing a limited number of copies. Meaning, once our issues have been sent to all Barnes & Noble stores and we have sold out online, we will not be re-printing. So click on the button below to preorder now - we cannot wait to share these stories with you soon!