Cottage Hill News - Preorder The Captivated Issue and Assured + Well Announcement

Friends, we are so excited that The Captivated Issue release is just two weeks away! We are offering two different covers containing the same captivating stories! The limited edition bridal cover will only be available through website orders so order now! Also, we are thrilled to offer Captivated - a candle with a refreshing take on newly bloomed peonies and warm honeysuckle - designed specifically for Cottage Hill’s The Captivated Issue created by Silver Cup Artist Nicole Bisby! Want the whole captivating collection? We are offering a special package containing both issues and the exclusive candle! Preorder The Captivated Issue and candle now! 

Also, we are thrilled for our first Assured + Well! Assured + Well is a full-day intensive challenging you to pursue your life's most honest direction. The intensive is about more than just setting and accomplishing goals, but how to live in your intentional desires through day-setting. You will be required to do your own work, honor your truth, drop the drama of fear and lean into the discomfort of vulnerability - all in a safe, educational and highly inspiring environment. Our first Assured + Well will be on Thursday, May 14th at Carlton Landing, Oklahoma. Purchase your tickets now!

Photography by Kurt Boomer for The Captivated Issue

Katie O. SelvidgeComment