Em + Ben

Cottage Hill

Today we are sharing a sweet engagement captured by Lamb & Meadow

How did you and Ben meet?
Ben and I met when he transferred to John Brown University in the fall of 2012. He was in the same orientation group as my good friend and roommate, and she introduced us a couple weeks into the school year. 

When did you know he was the one?
I started secretly crushing on Ben pretty soon after I met him. In late November, I found out that he liked me too. He asked me on a date in early December, and we had already been hanging out as friends for a few months, and I already just had this really good feeling about it. After our first date, I had this crazy sense of peace about him, and I think that's when I actually spoke aloud to someone that I knew he was the one. It was really quick, but I just knew!

How did he propose?
Last fall, I had made arrangements for Ben and I to have our pictures taken by a photographer in Tulsa. After I told Ben about it, he kind of took the day and ran with it. We both live in Northwest Arkansas, so we decided to make a whole day out of our trip to Tulsa. On November 20, Ben picked me up around 10:30 in the morning. When we got to Tulsa, we went to eat lunch at a really nice restaurant. During lunch, Ben said we could either go see an IMAX movie like I had suggested, or we could go to the Philbrook Museum (apparently I didn't really have a choice, he just knew I would choose the museum since we had been talking about going there since before we even started dating). We arrived at the Philbrook, looked through several exhibits, then we went outside to walk around. The museum has this really beautiful back garden area with a gazebo at the bottom. Ben and I walked through the garden, and he was being really sweet and reminiscing about our relationship thus far. Once we got to the bottom, Ben stopped at the gazebo. (This is where he had planned to pop the question until he realized there was a big Christmas tree taking up the entire gazebo!) He started to walk me up the steps of the gazebo, and before I knew it, he was down on one knee! What he actually said is such a blur because the it was so surreal and I couldn't stop crying, but of course I said yes!

What are you most looking forward to in marriage?
Ben is my best friend in the world. I think I'm most looking forward to officially being life partners. I'm so excited to live with him, experience life with him, buy groceries with him, love Jesus with him, have a family with him...I'm just really looking forward to being his wife! 

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