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Our dear friend and Silver Cup Artist Emily of Something Gold Photography recently traveled to Santa Fe with her husband for a getaway. Today she shares with us their experience, enjoy!

A few times every year, my husband and I get a deep desire for a new travel adventure. With my busy weekend schedules and his schooling, our lives don't allow us to go away for days on end, so we try to take advantage of long weekends. At the end of January, Freddie had the brilliant idea to drive to Santa Fe for Valentine's weekend. It was the perfect getaway.

This old city is filled with historic adobe houses, amazing shopping, beautiful art, stunning churches and the most delicious southwestern food. 

We stayed in the historic Plaza at Santa Fe's oldest hotel, La Fonda. This quaint hotel is absolutely fabulous, with it's southwestern architecture, cozy rooms and great food. We enjoyed a delectable breakfast downstairs and also tried some fancy margaritas one night at their bar before dinner, while listening to a live Mariachi band.

Outdoor markets and little shops fill the streets of the historic Plaza. We spent half of our Saturday walking around looking at everything, from beautiful Native American rugs to Southwestern pottery and endless amounts of turquoise jewelry, with Mexican hot chocolates in hand (SO good)! 

We spent the other half of our Saturday driving around old neighborhoods and up a mountain. Coming from flat Oklahoma, we couldn't bare to be so close to the mountains and not actually go up and enjoy the spectacular views. If we ever go back and have a little more time there, a hike or skiing would be a must. 

On Saturday night, we decided to enjoy a nice Valentine's dinner. Freddie chose a Spanish restaurant called El Meson where we indulged in tapas, paella and churros con chocolate for dessert. We highly recommend it.

We knew we had to leave early on Sunday due to some bad weather heading towards Oklahoma, so we woke up at dawn to walk around during sunrise and had one last delicious southwestern meal at the famous Pasqual's.

Two other restaurants we ate at that we would highly recommend for their delicious Santa Fe style food are The Shed and Pink Adobe. We are big foodies, and Santa Fe definitely has no shortage of mouth-watering meals. This getaway to Santa Fe was the perfect, relaxing weekend, while also providing us with so much to explore!

Katie O. SelvidgeComment