Silver Cup Feature - Lauren Jolly Photography

We are so thrilled to have artists like Lauren Jolly as part of Silver Cup! Last week we shared images from our latest Klatch in Raleigh. See the post from Klatch here, and yesterday we shared some sweet images of Nancy Ray taken by Lauren! With all of these lovely features we just had to share more about Lauren! Today we are excited to feature a little interview with Captivated Issue Sponsor Lauren Jolly Photography

What inspires you most?  

Small, “everyday” moments inspire me the most. Couch cuddles, quiet moments alone with right before bed time, cooking dinner together. These moments are easy to overlook, but if you take the time to slow down and cherish them, it’s easy to see that they all add up to your legacy, your big picture.

Tell us about your family. 

My family is spread out. My father is from Scotland, my mother is from New England. They’ve both moved away from Raleigh in the past few years and while my sister still lives nearby, I think we all have a wandering heart. We may not see each other every week, but when we do get together, we have lots of stories to tell! I’ve also found a wonderful support system in my husband’s amazing family!

How is Lauren Jolly Photography unique? What drives your art? 

When I arrive at a shoot, I gather inspiration from my clients’ stories and their lives. Without a story, I have no reason to pick up my camera. Even if that story is “we walked the dog today,” I want to tell it in the most beautiful, meaningful way possible. That’s what drives my art and makes me and my work unique.

What do you want your clients to take away from having you as their photographer? 

I want my clients to feel a sense of comfort and trust when they leave a photo session with me. I want them to feel like they just spent time with a friend and look forward to the next time we’ll see each other. I also want the to trust that I will be able to tell their story completely through my photos.

What are you afraid of?  

I’m terrified of success, and I’m terrified of failure. I think these two go hand-in-hand. When I think about putting myself out there and people not accepting what I stand for, it scares me to death. But thinking about NOT doing that scares me even more.

What were you doing the last time you looked up at the clock and realized you had completely lost track of time?  

I completely lose track of time every time I sit down to edit a photo session or wedding. I lose myself in the memories of the day and get excited to deliver the photos to my clients.

What are you most interested in learning how to do right now? 

My life has changed so much lately as I’m expecting my first little one. Right now, I’m most interested in learning how to become the best mother possible. I want to teach my child how to see the world with a unique eye and I want to keep them from harm without sheltering them. I want them to explore with me and learn from me. I think raising a child is going to change my entire outlook on life.

What do you love most about your job? 

I love the fact that I’m constantly meeting new people and I get to help them tell their stories. I love the idea that these photos will be in albums and on walls for years to come and passed down for generations. 

What do clients need to know on their wedding day or during a shoot?  

Clients should know that I am laid back, yet professional. They should know that I work hard to tell their story and would love to become their friend. They should also know that I am the one person who will cherish their photos (almost) as much as they do.

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