The Homecoming Issue - Love Letters

Cottage Hill Love Letters

This story is one of my favorites from The Homecoming Issue. I know I say that about all of them, but this one was special because of the artists and the story is close to my heart. The story is about a military wife creating a beautiful care package for her husband overseas. Having grown up in a military family, my father served in the Coast Guard, it was often difficult for my mom to endure his long deployments. Even as a child, having my dad gone a few months at a time was not easy. But creating care packages or little surprises for when he came home was fun to pass the time. This story is dedicated to all military servicemen and servicewomen and their families. 

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Concept Design + Styling by Kae Yechaninov | Paper and Calligraphy by Graceline Art :: Photography by Maria Lamb

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